• Betty Boop: Swat The Fly (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 1

Betty Boop: Swat The Fly

  • Popeye: Bride and Gloom (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 15

Popeye and Olive are finally planning to get married. The plans change, though, after Olive has a dream where she sees their future kids and all the mischief they get into.

  • Betty Boop: Be Human (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 21

Betty Boop is incensed at her farmer neighbor’s cruelty to his animals. But the inventive Grampy knows how to teach him a lesson.

  • Red Riding Hood (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 11

An imaginative version of the old folktale, directed by Harry Bailey and John Foster. In this version of the story, Grandma’s got more bite than the wolf!

  • Tom and Jerry: Spanish Twist (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 5

Tom and Jerry (the human versions, not the cat and mouse) are on a raft in the ocean. After being attacked by an octopus and losing their raft, they wash up on the shores of Spain…

  • Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 19

Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain


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