• Betty Boop: So Does an Automobile (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 9

In this 1939 cartoon, Betty Boop runs a hospital for sick automobiles

  • Popeye: I Don’t Scare (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 3

Bluto bullies Popeye and attempts to sabotage Popeye’s date with Olive. Animation by Tom Johnson and Frank Endres. Music by Winston Sharples. Produced in 1956.

  • Felix the Cat in Bold King Cole (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 3

Although considered a Felix cartoon, this short seems to focus more on the boisterous king and what happens when ghosts try to get him to stop his bragging.

  • Betty Boop: The Impractical Joker (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 8

Betty Boop: The Impractical Joker

  • Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 13

Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain

  • Superman: Volcano (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 25

Volcano is the eighth of the seventeen animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character of Superman, originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This eight-minute animated short, produced by Fleischer Studios, features Superman’s adventures in saving a small island community from a volcanic eruption. It was originally released on July 10, 1942 by Paramount Pictures.


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