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  • Betty Boop: Morning, Noon And Night (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 17

A badly hung-over sun (complete with ice-pack on his head) slowly rises over Betty Boop’s farm. Betty’s farm is a sanctuary for birds, but the sanctuary is soon threatened by the arrival of the Tom Kat’s Social Club, a group of hungry cats looking for an easy meal.

  • Betty Boop: Bamboo Isle (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 20

After a short live action performance by the Royal Samoans, Bimbo appears on screen playing a ukelele while riding in a motorboat…containing a topless (except for a strategically placed lei) and dark-skinned Betty Boop.

  • Felix the Cat in Bold King Cole (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 8

Although considered a Felix cartoon, this short seems to focus more on the boisterous king and what happens when ghosts try to get him to stop his bragging.

  • Betty Boop: Poor Cinderella (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 11

Gorgeous Fleischer Studios adaptation of the classic fairy tale, featuring Betty Boop’s only appearance in full color. Surprise – she’s a redhead!

  • Betty Boop: House Cleaning Blues (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 9

Betty Boop: House Cleaning Blues

  • Popeye In Goonland (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 32

Popeye Rescues Pappy Off Volcanic Isle Inhabited By The Original Goonies. WARNING: That Music Will Stay With You Forever!


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