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It’s 1932, the Great Depression, Prohibition and Franklin Roosevelt is about to defeat Herbert Hoover. Betty Boop decides to run for president against Mr. Nobody (“Who cares if you break a log? Nobody!”). Betty’s promises are wonderful:

  • Street cleaners will have thier own chauffeur and limousine
  • All potholes will be carpeted, to keep high-heeled horses from tripping
  • The carpets will be vauumed of course
  • Trolley will stop at everyones front door, even if they live in an apartment
  • Policemen in rocking chairs will ensure that cats can cross the street safely
  • Fire hydrants will have privacy screens for the dogs
  • A giant umbrella to keep the rain off. This is the first appearance of Grampy, who invents the umbrella idea

One of the best Betty Boop cartoons ever.