• Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 19

Betty Boop: The Old Man Of The Mountain

  • Betty Boop: More Pep (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 4

“Uncle Max” (Max Fleischer) draws Betty and Pudgy out of the inkwell. Pudgy is tired and unwilling to perform on Betty’s command. Betty uses pen and ink to draw a machine that give Pudgy more pep. Unfortunately, the machine soon runs amok, speeding up…

  • Betty Boop: Chess Nuts (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 17

Betty Boop: Chess Nuts

  • Felix the Cat in Neptune Nonsense (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 13

Felix sets out to find a friend for his lonely goldfish. Along the way, he comes across the god of the sea.

  • Shuteye Popeye (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 3

Popeye the Sailor snores while he sleeps, which disturbs Mouse, who is also trying to sleep. A war breaks out between Popeye and Mouse which Mouse eventually wins.

  • Felix: Doubles for Darwin (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 10

Hungry Felix responds to an advertisement in the newspaper promising a reward for proof that “Man Comes from Monkey”. His search for proof takes him to South Africa via a Trans-Atlantic cable.


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