• Popeye: I’m in the Army Now (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 7

Olive tells the boys she loves a man in a uniform, so they try to sign up at the recruiting station, but they can only take one. There follows a duel of clips from previous shorts as they attempt to prove who is the winner.

  • Superman Festival (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 39

Several Superman episodes from the WWII era

  • Popeye: Assault and Flattery (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 21

Bluto is suing Popeye for assault. They both show the judge some scenes from some of their cartoon to prove their case.

  • Superman: Japoteurs (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 3

American industry builds a gigantic new bomber and Lois Lane stows away on the test flight; little does she suspect, Japanese spies are aboard to hijack the giant. Superman to the rescue?

  • Superman: Secret Agent (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 7

Clark Kent helps a pretty blonde Federal agent escape a gang of Nazi saboteurs, and lets himself be captured to learn their plans. The blonde, pursued again, falls into the gears of a drawbridge…

  • Betty Boop: A Language All My Own (Free Cartoon Videos) - Thumb 9

Betty flies to Japan to do a show, and sings the title number. She then dons a kimono, and sings it again in Japanese. (


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