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The Arabs look evil and behave really bad in this racist cartoon, but the heroic pig looks a little strange too. There are no references to religion here, but some of the Arab stereotypes depicted have been revitalized in recent caricatures of Muslims, notably in the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

Can Porky save the fort from invasion by Ali Baba? Porky must defeat Ali Baba’s army and secret weapons in order to be hero.

PS March 2, 2008: Thanks to Logoliker2004 for noting that this is a colorized version of the original black and white cartoon (which is in the Public Domain). IMDb describes the alternate versions: “This cartoon was colorized in 1968 by having every other frame traced over onto a cel. Each redrawn cel was painted in color and then photographed over a colored reproduction of each original background. Needless to say, the animation quality dropped considerably from the original version with this method. The cartoon was colorized again in 1992, this time with a computer adding color to a new print of the original black and white cartoon. This preserved the quality of the original animation.”